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Medicare Bad Debt Recovery

Comprehensive Reimbursement, Inc. (CRI) offers the expertise and industry knowledge to optimize Medicare bad debt revenue and provide support during Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) audits. CRI maximizes Medicare bad debts by utilizing provider and payor source patient data, including Medicare Provider Summary Reports (PSR), Medicare and Medicaid remittance data, Medicare and Medicaid 835 files, collection agency data and hospital-specific policies and procedures. Using these resources, CRI’s bad debt experts and advisors identify patient responsibility amounts that qualify for Medicare reimbursement.


    CRI can assist with the preparation of complete and accurate Medicare bad debt logs to be included on as-filed Medicare cost reports.

Retrospective Reviews

    CRI can review previously submitted Medicare bad debt logs to mine for additional reimbursement. If identified, CRI can assist with the submission of the additional information to the MAC.

Audit Support

    Medicare bad debt audits have become increasingly challenging and can have significant reimbursement impacts. Our process provides complete audit support that will hold up under intense scrutiny.