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Uncompensated Care Reporting & Audit Support

Comprehensive Reimbursement, Inc. (CRI) has provided hospitals with guidance and support services since the creation of the uncompensated care payment by CMS. Once distributed based on Medicaid days, the uncompensated care payment is now fully allocated to hospitals through the use of uncompensated care costs reported by each hospital on the Medicare Worksheet S-10. CRI can assist hospitals in preparing their uncompensated care and hospital bad debt logs to ensure audit compliance and maximize reimbursement.

Uncompensated Care & Bad Debt Logs

    CRI will prepare the uncompensated care and bad debt logs to be used on the hospitals’ Medicare Worksheet S-10. CRI will ensure the logs are compliant based on current regulations, including the use of each hospitals’ charity care policy.

Audit Support

    CRI provides full audit support for all uncompensated care reporting projects. The uncompensated care payment represents a large portion of hospital reimbursement which continues to drive the increased audit pressure by CMS.