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Medicaid and Medicare Insurance ID Acquisition

Comprehensive Reimbursement, Inc. (CRI) provides expertise in researching and determining Medicaid and Medicare eligibility to optimize reimbursement. CRI utilizes advanced research methodologies to identify and accurately capture these opportunities.

Medicaid ID Acquisition

    CRI can provide monthly batch processing of all hospital claims to identify Medicaid insurance benefits not previously identified by the hospital. Our findings result in significantly increased third party revenue by converting self-pay accounts, charity accounts, and bad debt accounts to Medicaid revenue.

Medicare Advantage ID

    CRI can provide reconciliations to identify Medicare Advantage or HMO accounts that were not correctly shadow billed. Once identified, an account listing is provided to the hospital to rebill the accounts ahead of any timely filing deadlines. The correction of these accounts result in increased teaching payments, nursing and allied managed care payments, and Medicare utilization statistics.